Gymnastics and Trampolining Levels


The North Cotswolds Gymnastics and Trampolining Academy is now a member of British Gymnastics. This provides the opportunity to be part of a strong and recognised organisation that ensures a safe, child-friendly and fun environment in which to enjoy gymnastics.



It’s always great to start young, we take budding gymnasts from the age of 1. Some of our pre-schoolers have shown great potential and improved quickly. It is also just a lot of fun and a great way to burn off some of that toddler energy. We begin with a fun warm up song and then in small groups explore the trampoline, trampette, beam, bar, obstacle course and floor exercises. They all rewarded with a sticker every session and a badge and certificate each term. 



Once your child has begun Primary School, we move them into our Junior Recreational Classes. They then have the opportunity to be invited to one of our three squads... Mini, Development and Elite Squads. These squads will take part in displays and competitions throughout the year. Each term every child in the club will be assessed against the British Gymnastics Criteria and will be awarded a badge and certificate. 



Trampolining has gone from strength to strength since adding it into our gym classes in 2015. Not only does this improve the gymnast tumbling skills but also helps with core strength which is beneficial to all other sports. From September 2017 we will be competing against other clubs at recreational and squad levels. Trampolining is included in every Gymnastics class. We offer exclusive trampolining lessons for ages four to adult.

British Gymnastics 

These are worked on one or two sessions each side of half term. Each child has their own awards folder and can work throughout the year at gaining further levels. We award badges once a term and the cost of these are £7.50 for a British Gymnastics badge and certificate. Once all eight levels are completed the children obtain gold medals.


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