Our weekly club gymnastics training sessions are held on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday nights and all day Saturday.

The classes are varied allowing children to discover which direction they want to take within gymnastics and incorporate a fun warm up, floor work, conditioning, vault, trampette, bar, beam work and trampolining, we finish up with a cool down stretch session. An initial taster session for either a trampolining or gymnastics class for each child is free. If you would like to book your child in for a free trial, please do so by clicking the book now button below. Trial sessions (with the exception of Pre-School) are on a Saturday at 11.30am or 12.30pm. Pre-School is 9.30am.

Children continuing with Gymnastics or Trampolining after their trial are expected to wear club uniform, which is a pair of black shorts, then navy/dark blue Leotard for Girls, plain navy T-Shirt for Boys. Children will also need socks for Trampolining. 

Thereafter fees for gymnastics are £7.00 a class (Pre-School is £6.50), Pure Trampolining sessions vary from £7.50 - £10.00, depending on session length, all which is billed termly.  All Fees should be paid prior to the new term commencing.

free taster session

New starters are welcome to join in a free, trial class, before committing to a regular place. Once they have completed their session, they will be allocated a space into a class at their level with availability.

If you would like to try out gymnastics and/or trampolining, please click on the link below to register. Alternatively you can send an email to admin@ncgta.co.uk .


Our weekly club gymnastics training sessions are held on Wednesday nights, Thursday nights and all day Saturday.

winter term

Please find below the Term Dates for the winter Term which starts 3 January 2018. There are 11 weeks in the New term. However, in view of the 22 March World Cup, Thursday sessions will only be billed 10 weeks.

All Autumn Term gymnasts and cheerleading group are automatically enrolled into the new term. For new enrollees, please register here:

Term dates updated.jpg


Wed 1745-1845 (1hour) General Gym (7-16) £7.00
Wed 1845-1945 (1hour) Gym £7.00
Wed 1845-1945 (1hour) General Tramp £10.00


Thu 1700-1800 (1hour) General Gym (5-10) £7.00
Thu 1700-1800 (1hour) General Tramp £10.00
Thu 1800-1900 (1hour) Tumbling £7.00
Thu 1800-1900 (1hour) General Tramp £10.00
Thu 1800-1900 (1hour) Boys Class £7.00


Sat 0930-1015 (45mins) Pre-school £6.50
Sat 0930-1015 (45mins) General Tramp £7.50
Sat 1015-1115 (1hour) General Gym (4-7) £7.00
Sat 1015-1115 (1hour) General Tramp £10.00
Sat 1130-1230 (1hour) General Gym (7-10) £7.00
Sat 1130-1230 (1hour) General Tramp £10.00
Sat 1230-1330 (1hour) General Gym (7-16) £7.00
Sat 1230-1330 (1hour) General Tramp £10.00


Mini Squad: 2.5 hours
Wednesdays: 4.45-5.45pm
Fridays: 5.00-6.30pm

Development Squad: 3.5 hours
Wednesdays: 4.45-5.45pm
Fridays: 5.00-6.30pm
Saturdays: 1.30-2.30pm

Squad: 3.5 hours
Fridays: 6.30-8.00pm
Saturdays: 1.30-3.30