Cheerleading is a display of discipline, practice, dedication, determination, skill and athleticism

Welcome to North Cotswolds Cheerleading Academy!

Cheerleading classes are rapidly increasing in popularity. Due to the nature of the team routines there are a large number of athletes needed to perform, which makes it a great opportunity to meet old and new friends. 

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Our current team are the Galaxies, who consist of a wide range of experience. Some of our athletes have been involved since the club started, and some are joining having done no prior cheer before. This club welcomes any new joiners and will help them discover where in the pyramid they are best suited- literally!

All we require is focus and enthusiasm from our athletes who, in turn, provide us with exciting and unforgettable memories.

Our weekly sessions offer a mixed combination of the cheerleading disciplines: stunts, dance, tumbling and jumps. Having two coaches qualified across both cheerleading and gymnastics allows one half of the session to focus on their stunts and the other half on their tumbles, meaning no one stops moving!


Our next big scale try outs will be held at the end of Summer 2018, where your skill level will be determined and you have a chance to watch what our current team have achieved. However, if you are interested to see what it is like during a session, please email to arrange a taster session.


Cheerleading season runs from September to July. We are currently working towards taking a level 1 team (aged 6yrs – 14yrs) to Bournemouth for the Future Cheer competition on the 6th to the 8th of July 2018. We are expecting some new arrivals after our FABULOUS cheer camp so the final competition team will be announced by the end of April.

We are so proud of our girls who came in fifth place at the Future Cheer Heart of England competition in February 2018.

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Cheerleading currently runs on a Saturday 1530-1730 (2 hours)